Sherwood Fineries

Renaissance Costumes


Renaissance Costume Rentals

Rentals are for most ages. Children must be potty trained to rent a costume for the day.

As costumes are completed they'll be posted here!



Dressing up at the Faire makes you feel like one of members in the community. It’s a simple way to enhance your experience.

Adult costumes are $50/day

Children are $35/day

Shoes are not provided but recommended styles are mary janes (leather, silk and velvet were popular), square or wide toed leather shoes, leather boots (not cowboy), and slip on shoes without laces. There are shoes for sale in the shop from $15-$20.


Women's Costumes $50/day

Rentals come with the shirt, skirt, bodice, a pouch, and hat. The Costumes were designed to fit a varied range of sizes.

There are several different styles available for women.



Men's Costumes $50/day

Men will have 2 styles to choose from. This is the vest style. Men's rentals come with a shirt, pants, doublet (or vest), a pouch, and hat. It's best to use your own belt if it's leather, but belts will be available. We can fit up to a 60” waist.


Children’s Costumes $35/day

Kids’ costumes are simpler in style and are either dresses or pants outfits. Rentals come with a small pouch and hat. The Costumes were designed to fit a varied range of sizes and be played in like normal.

We ask that only children who are potty trained rent for the day.