Sherwood Fineries

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$35-$50/day with discounts on multiple days. Each listing has its own rate. As new costumes are made they’ll be posted into genres.


Shindig Gown- $50

You can feel fancy in this glorious cupcake dress. (actually 3 pieces- top, skirt, hoop skirt)

Bust: 40”/ Waist: 30”/ Height- 5’5”, can be pin fit for smaller sizes but, unfortunately cannot be sized up. A smaller hoop will accommodate taller individuals.


Anime Sailor- $35/day

Wig not included.


Love is a Battlefield Pat B. - $40

Loose fit dress can be cinched with the belt. Included accessories: chain and pearl necklace, white belt with fabric pieces, head scarf fabric strip.

Fits up to: Chest- 48”/ waist- 36” with belt and 40” without